The Back of Your Place Card is Ridiculous!

Marble Wedding Place Card Tutorial

Marble Place Cards are one of the hottest wedding trends of 2018. They're a beautiful detail to add into your wedding day and not to mention, a great wedding souvenir for your guests. That's if they're not too drunk to bring their's home! 

I recently did my first Marble Place Card order. I was already advised that the prep work for it would be time consuming. However, this was a small order of less than 50, so I didn't see the big deal. I was super excited for it. I set up my work station in my tiny balcony, turned my music up, and started the recommended sanding process to the back of each tile. That's when reality hit me! I am no Chip Gaines! Sanding marble tiles is a bitch! I'm a tiny filipino girl with baby muscles. What was I thinking?! I managed to smooth out about 20 tiles until I decided that it was time to take a break before I lose my arms!

As I ate my lunch, I stared at the rest of the tiles that still needed sanding and decided that I needed to come up with another solution. I've read some tutorials that people have glued felt or added contact paper to the back. This tip isn't recommended because it's considered more time consuming than sanding, but I decided to give it a go. My arms were begging to be saved! I had black contact paper in my stash of random supplies, so I tried it out. I lightly sanded off any rough edges but ultimately, the contact paper worked out much better than the Chip Gaines method!


The tiles were 3x3 inches. I measured out the contact paper and cut out 3x3 inch squares, stuck them to the lightly sanded backs, used a pair of embroidery scissors to get closer to the edge, and voila! Super smooth Marble Tile backs, and most of all, CLEAN backs with the comfortability of placing these marble tiles on a table linen or dinner plate for a beautiful wedding table display. It's a great finish to these details. Try it out and let me know how it goes in the comments! 

Black and Gold Marble Place Cards