Day-Of-Details are the coordinating pieces that create a memorable ambiance to your event. These are the items that bring your Invitation Suite to life. Welcome Signs, Seating Charts, Escort Cards, Programs, and whatever your imagination can stir up. It's these details that heighten each guest's experience. 


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The Process

The average client doesn't think about ironing out their plans for Day-Of-Detail items until they have a finalized guest list. I always suggest to not leave this process out in the cold, it's best to plan ahead. Day-of-details are the extension to your Invitation and when you have this in mind, narrowing down the endless options will become easier to handle. 



Depending on availability and the complexity of the project, the turnaround can take up to 5 weeks to complete. You should be mindful of the size of your guest list, and the type of materials you'll be opting for. With the options being endless, it is always smarter to allot more time for yourself to make a decision on your custom order.


Each Day-of-Detail item has a different price structure and is highly dependent on the material and the quantity you'll need. For example, an Acrylic piece would cost more than Paper pieces and 100 Place Cards, would cost less than 100 Escort Cards. Many things are factored in for pricing. Please fill out the form to receive a custom quote.


Get Your Details Started Now:

Fill out one the Day-Of-Details Questionnaires and I can provide you with a custom quote based on what you're looking for. Leave it to me to figure all your details out! That's what I'm here for!